Who are we?
Open Range Hide Company is a father-son owned and operated business established in Southern Colorado in 1998. We offer only the highest quality Brazilian cowhides in a great selection of sizes and colors. It is our mission to provide you with the best customer service and the finest quality hides on the market.
Why Brazil?
Because of a tanning process that keeps hides soft and supple, Brazilian cowhides are widely recognized as the finest quality cowhides in the world. Unlike some other hides on the market, ours will always lie flat and will never dry out or curl at the edges.
Do cowhides smell?
Nope! Other than a nice new leather scent, our hides produce no strong or unpleasant odors.
Are they hard to clean?
Nope again! Natural oils in the hair on the hides makes them highly resistant to stains. You can wipe up spills or pet messes with a little dish soap and hot water. Our hides are tough and can be cleaned with a vacuum just like your other rugs. In fact, they’re easier to clean than your other rugs.
Where do I put it? How do I use it?
This one is totally up to you! A lot of our customers use hides as area rugs because they’re so durable and easy to maintain. The natural texture on the bottom of the hides grips nicely to hardwood or tile flooring so you don’t even need to use a rug mat. You can also use our hides for luxurious bed coverings or throws for the sofa. Some customers mount hides on the wall or drape them over railings for decoration. All of our cowhides are upholstery grade and can be used to make furniture, pillows, and clothing.

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